Weight Loss Surgery: Beware the Pitfalls

Usually, during the first two years after bariatric surgery, diet and exercise changes come easily and that in and of itself is a huge problem. Everything is too easy for fatlings. The never learn how to bite the bullet and toughen up.
There is such unhealthy rapid weight loss, and there's a bit of euphoria with that. They're active and feeling wonderful which in part could be ketogenic psychosis. Once weight loss goals are reached, it's time for maintenance mode. That's a risky stage for some people -- as some slip into bad habits because they have never acknowledged their gluttonous and hedonistic nature.
For gastric bypass patients, weight loss can plateau at two years, They're not consistently losing anymore. They're at a steady weight because they have relied on the barbaric restrictions of bariatric butchering.
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When they slack off exercise because they begin to feel like crap due to malnutrition, start snacking because they are literally starving for essential nutrients they will instinctively eat bigger portions in a desperate attempt to replace the nutrients they now lack. This will cause the victim to gain weight back and then some.

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