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Friday, March 31, 2017

Thinner Times Forum

Thinner Times Forum is an industry-sponsored website and forum set up to lure fatlings into the weight loss surgery meat grinder. I think they hire shills to sell the idea of paying a butcher/surgeon to wreck your digestive system while playing down the dangers and the live long complication. We have our investigative reporters on that forum posing as pre and post WLS patients. Thinner Times Forum is a classic example of guerrilla marketing so we at Gastric Bypass Kills thought we would return the favor with some guerilla journalism and you, our readers, can help.

Click the link to Thinner Times Forum and register there and start posting. Eventually, start sneaking in facts. Be the classic concern troll. Post links to the articles here that post show the real death and complication rate of WLS surgery and its high failure rate. Unfortunately, most online information regarding the success rates, complication rates and death rates from this butchery is industry propaganda. They will tell you that the odds of dying are 1 in 200. That is a lie for two reasons. Reason number one is that 1 in 200 is based on the first 30 days post surgery and the real death rate 30 days post surgery is 1 in 100. The real death rate is 1 in 50. The industry will like and say it isn't but the real death rate is 1 in 50.

JAMA Journal of the American Medical Association broke down the death rate for weight loss surgery as follows: The percentage of men dying (5.4%) was almost 3 times that of the women (2.0%). The percentages of black men (6.1%) and black women dying (2.3%) were higher than those of white men (5.0%) and white women (1.9%)  Keep in mind that JAMA is part of the medical industry and even they are claiming a greater than 1 in 50 death rate for weight loss surgery victims.

Death Rates and Causes of Death After Bariatric Surgery for ...

Gastric Bypass Surgery Gone Bad - CBS News

funny healthy menu options

These butchers consider a successful surgery one where they patient lives 30 days post surgery.

Why WLS is Bad

The industry claims a 50+% success rate when it comes to weight loss but that is only for the first year and that is only with bypass type surgeries where 95% of the small intestine is bypassed. The small intestine is the organ that absorbs most of the essential nutrients and even with nutritional supplementation, you cannot absorb enough of the essential and beneficial nutrients required for good health if food can only pass through 5% of the small intestine. Doctors know this but they are too greedy to care.

Fat and Malnourished After WLS

When you don't get the nutrients you need you will develop food cravings that feel like hunger so you eat and you pick high-calorie foods like animal fats because your stomach and intestine are no longer capable of doing their jobs which is supplying your body with nutrition. You are physically unable to eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains so you end up drinking protein shakes that don't provide enough nutrition.

If you have had WLS then you are nutritionally deficient. Your intestine, what's left of it, cannot absorb most vitamins but you can absorb Vitamin B complex sublingually. As for the essential minerals; you're screwed. Vitamins are easier to absorb than minerals and a mineral supplement is make more sense than taking a vitamin supplement.


Feel free to comment on the articles that appear on this blog but also include your weight loss surgery nightmares even if they are off topic. Speak freely and say what ever you want.