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Sunday, March 7, 2021

After Two Weight Loss Surgeries Carnie Wilson still over 200 pounds:

I'm not going to sugar coat this. Carnie Wilson is the poster pig for fattitude. She's has two weight loss surgeries. The first was the gastric bypass aka the ghastly bypass and that one didn't work and then she had the lap band procedure and that didn't work either. Why? Because Carnie is a big fat whiney glutton with extreme fattitude.

Carnie Wilson and Tracey Gold and their families are starring on Celebrity Wife Swap in an episode to air tomorrow, January 3. As is expected for this show their families are polar opposites. Tracey and her husband have three boys and their household is very regimented and rule-oriented. Carnie has two girls and she and her husband are lax about discipline. So it could potentially be interesting to see how each of the moms deals with the other’s rules when they switch households for a week.

As part of promotion for the show, Carnie has a new interview with Fox News. Everyone focuses on Carnie’s weight since that’s what she’s made headlines for since she lost 150 pounds through gastric bypass in 1999 and posed nude for Playboy in 2003. It was in early 2010 that she got weighed on the Dr. Oz show and was described by Oz as “morbidly obese” at 218 pounds. To Fox, Carnie admits she’s gained a lot of weight and says she hopes to take it off this year. She admits she’s addicted to food and needs to learn better coping methods to deal with stress.

Carnie also said that she was nervous about putting her family on television and exposing them to scrutiny. I need to point out that this woman had her own reality show just two years ago. From what I understand it focused more on her than her kids, but I believe (I didn’t watch it) her family was shown on TV. So this is ripe that she’s super worried about it now.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Videos of Trump Lying And Being a Pedophile

To share these videos. right click on one and the URL and embed code will appear. #PedoTrump

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Obesity Myths

There are an abundance of obesity myths. Slow or screwed up metabolism, baby fat, genetics are some of the myths perpetrated by fatlings, doctors and the weight loss industry. One myth that needs busting is the size zero myth. There is this idea that women who wear size zero clothing or size double zero are suffering from a disorder induced by society's obsession with being thin. Facts are stubborn things. Fattitude cause people to deny reality and present fact free statement as fact. You may recall the size zero ban in the fashion industry and all the hype and hysteria that went along with it. Fattitude fueled that hysteria and ignored the facts.  Here are the facts about size zero clothing.

The Size 0 Myth

At Victorias Secret size 0 is a 23.5" waist. If you shop at Abercrombie and Fitch size zero is a 24" - 25" waist. American Eagle Outfitters calls size zero a 24.5 inch waist as does Top Shop, LAMB and Juicy Couture.

Who'd have thunk it but there is a size double zero. At Banana Republic size 00 pants have a 23" waist. At Abercrombie and Fitch you will need a 23" - 24" waist to fit into a pair of size 00 pants. A size 00 at American Eagle Outfitters has a 23.5" waist and at Lucky Brand the waist of a pair of 00 pants is 24"

If you know someone of average height who wears size zero clothing chances are that person is not underweight. In 1950 the average American woman had a 34" bust, 24" waist and 36" hips. In England the American size 0 is a size 6.

The Anorexia Kills Myth

There are about 200,000 Americans with Anorexia Nervousa. About 20% are males another 20% are the elderly and the rest are young females.  Most people with anorexia nervousa don't die as a result of the disease. Anorexia Nervousa claims about 200 deaths per year according to the CDC's Office of Rare Diseases. Anorexia Nervousa is indeed a rare disease. Gluttony is not a medical disease but it kills over 400,000 Americans each year. Anorexia Nervousa is not a lifestyle choice but gluttony is.

What is interesting is the hate and scorn leveled at lean women and  women with anorexia. We see it in the tabloids and we see examples on the internet of lean models that have been photo shopped to make them look impossibly thin and hideous. It is amazing that none of the pundits reported on the fact that Michael Jackson had a body mass index of under 16 most of his career and it was most likely a major contributor to his death but we still here about Karen Carpenter who died in 1983 from emetine cardiotoxcity due to her use of epecac syrup that she used to induce vomiting.

I barely eat and I still gain weight.

There is a word for people who make this ridiculous claim. That word is LIAR! Many fatlings make that claim but damn few will admit that on a daily basis they eat too much. Are the millions of people who seem to have bought into the myth of slow metabolism all simply delusional or are they simply liars? If you are one of the one who sincerely believe you have a slow metabolic rate here are some sobering facts.

Let's start with some immutable scientific certainties. Heat and energy are mutually convertible. One calorie is equal to 3.962 BTUs. Healthy human bodies maintain an average temperature of about 98.6 degrees Farenheit.  The body of a 160 pound man loses 100 calories of heat per hour if that person is sedentary and 80 calories per hour while sleeping. If that same man were to weigh 320 pounds their body would produce twice as much heat. If you are obese it is because you are chronically eating an immoderate amount of calories so stop lying about it because you are only fooling yourself and other stupid people.

I Have the "Fat Gene"

There are assholes with degrees who conducts useless studies that will try to convince you that there is a "fat gene". One question these charlatans fail to answer is, where was the fat gene forty years ago. Where was it and why is it here now? How does this mysterious fat gene allow human body to defy the laws of physics?

If you are fat it is because you eat far too much each and everyday. There is no fat gene so stop looking for pathetic excuses offered to you by charlatans.

I am an Emotional Eater

No you're not. It is much more simple than that. The fact is, you are simply a glutton. Alcoholics use similar stalling tactics in order to continually postpone their rehabilitation. You are doing the exact same thing but because our society is infected with fattitude there are idiots and charlatans that will say things like, "It's not what you're eating, it's what's eating you." Because you are a glutton and deep down you really don't want to give up you favorite tasty treats you will say to yourself and any other person who will listen, "I'm fat because I am an emotional eater." Let's say for a moment that you eat for emotional reasons. You do know that some foods are fattening and some aren't and you know what those foods are so when you feel like eating to "soothe your emotions" why not choose foods that won't make you fat? Of course, like many fatlings you probably have remained ignorant or you are a master at feigning ignorance when it comes to the caloric content of foods.

You have created a perfect excuse. People around you think that if you or they could only figure out this mysterious emotional triggers that make you eat cheese cake and Cool Ranch Doritos your problem would be solved. You are not an emotional eater. You are a clever liar. You are such a claver liar that you almost believe it yourself.

Real Women Have Curves

This is one of the most fat centric and chauvinistic statements you'll ever here. A woman with a 24" waist and 36" hips has curves. Most fat women look like refrigerators with legs.

If You Really Love Me You Would Accept Me for What I Am

Many a fat spouse has uttered those words to guilt the unfat spouse into accepting their gluttony, poor health and ugliness. Your fat body is ugly. Your gluttony is ugly but what is uglier than that is the consequences of your gluttony.

Take a good look at this diabetic ulcer.

Now take a look at this thing of beauty. It's called a diabetic amputation.
Sexy huh? What spouse would love tending to this?
I bet only a very shallow wife would would not want this sexy guy with all his yeasty fat folds and foul odor having his way with her.  

If you are a fat spouse instead of telling your mate he or she would accept you if they really loved you but instead you should ask yourself why you love food more than your spouse and your family.

Obesity is a huge turn off for most people. That is a result of genetics and how our brains are wired through evolution. The person who rejects you because you are fat is not the shallow one. If you are eating like a pig and expecting the person you claim to love to accept that behavior and the consequences of that behavior YOU are the shallow one 

Monday, October 14, 2019

Dr Oz And Columbia University Are Dangerous Charlatans

Dr Oz sucks, the medical in sucks and Columbia University sucks. Many doctors have written to the criminal dean of Columbia University asking them to give Dr Oz the boot for his lies and lack of ethics but the punk refused to do the right thing, (212) 851-2177 (212) 851-2177. Mailing Address. Contact Us - Columbia GSAS - Columbia University › contact-us

The punk who runs Columbia University Medical  School. is a bitch named  Lee Goldman and like most other medical industry gangsters Goldman loves gold. He and the other pricks refuse to give their cash cow Dr Oz the boot.

Another fraudster is a gangster is Columbia President Lee Bollinger Salary$1,411,894 It is important to note that members of the Medical Mafia take in much more money than their stated salaries.

We all know the preppy arrogant types who needed the shit beaten out to them at a young age. These rich weasels with their rich parents buy their way in to prestigious colleges and medical schools and end up less educated than kids who go to a community college. Columbia Medical School students have the lowest IQ and are the worst trained of all MDs with the exception of Yale.

Dec 18, 2015 - Columbia didn't suck for the reasons the author glibly ripped: “The people” and “fakeness,” as if Holden Caulfield had dashed off a screed between subway stops. The author did, however, nail the “intense pressure” that Columbia, a thoroughly unforgiving institution, generates.