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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Real Reasons You Are Fat

In an attempt to figure out why 75% of Americans are overweight and obese I decided to see what the skinniest people were doing so I read all the bullshit on the pro-ana sites and I found that 99.999% of the people on the pro-ana sites were bulimics. They call themselves mias. Mias really are fat girls who vomit so that they can eat again and again. Other BULLimics will exercise to excess, while others use laxatives.

There is one main reason for why you eat too much. Your scumbag doctors know this. The so called experts know this. The food industry knows this and I know this. I'm going to tell you why YOU ARE A GLUTTON! You may not have started out life wanting to be a glutton same as a drunk or a junkie does not aspire to be a drunk or a junkie but if you know any drunks or junkies you know what a pain in the ass they are. I see you in Walmart in your fatty scooters blocking the aisles and filling up the baskets with all sorts of unhealthy foods designed for hedonistic greedy gluttons.

I left the following comment on an eating disorder blog.

Clearly, food is not the only issue here and it is not the issue with most fatlings. The problem is fattitude which is a combination of neurology, pride, lust, sloth, gluttony, and ego. Like shameless fatlings, mias, overly use personal pronouns. 

As to sugar, sugar is sugar is sugar. Sugar in not the bad guy. Sugar in all its forms has been around for ever. Sugar is not making people fat. Caloric poisoning is making people fat and keeping them fat. If you are fat the immutable truth is this. YOU ARE A TOTALLY SELF INDULGENT GLUTTON. If you are a mia you are a guilt-ridden self-indulgent glutton who pukes or exercises so that you can EAT. 

The fact that you gluttons and hedonists have remained ignorant of the following proves that I am correct when it comes to your behavior.

FACT: If a sedentary female or you consume 2000 calories per day the most weight you can maintain is 135 pounds. If you are moderately active you will maintain 125 - 130 pounds. If you exercise such as jogging, long walks, swimming, spinning, aerobics you will only be able to maintain 105 - 110. 

Face it girls, a big part of this is a character issue. If you and other fatlings cared enough about society and your loved ones weight would not be an issue. BUT in your defense: You have had a lot of help getting there. Food today is designed to be addicted and you girls are part of the self-indulgent me generation. Fat girls are particularly disgusting in that regard. 

If you want to end this insanity, destroy your egos. 


Now I will expand on my comments.

If you weigh in at 300 pounds you are eating around 5000 calories per day in order to maintain that much weight. That is more than twice as much as a normal human being requires. OINK! Are you so weak and self-indulgent that you can't behave responsibly when it comes to food or is it a really a matter of won't? It's a matter of won't and you know it and your scumbag MD knows it and the industries that get fat making you fat know this but you are so egomaniacal that you won't admit it. The fact is, you are a big fat pawn, a mindless eating machine and a greedy hedonistic glutton. OINK! The facts all support one conclusion and that conclusion is... YOU ARE A GREEDY GLUTTON! Explain why this is not true. Explain why you think your behavior regarding your eating habits is responsible.

I have also gone onto weight loss forums to learn more about fatlings. Mostly what I found was that the few successful dieters did it for the people they loved. These people loved their loved ones more than food. Apparently most fatlings love food more than just about anything else. It's either that or their lust for food is stronger than their love for family and social and personal responsibility.

If you go through with weight loss surgery, you are a fool. You may get lucky and not die in the process. You may get lucky and the ongoing side effects such as; malabsorption of essential nutrients, dumping syndrome, vomiting, constant pain, may not be as troublesome for you as they are for the majority of weight loss surgery victims.

You can continue to be a victim of your own behavior or you can do the following:

1. Multiply your weight by 10. That is your approximate BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

2. Eat at that level of calories every day. If you do you will lose 1 pound of weight per 100 pounds of body weight.

3. After a month, recalculate your new body weight and adjust your allowance of daily calories accordingly.

4. Repeat this process until you are at a healthy weight. A healthy weight is IMO a BMI of 18 - 23 for most people. BMI means Body Mass Index.

Current BMI charts say that 24.9 is a healthy weight. This is not true, especially if you are Asian. Women especially look best and are healthiest at low a BMI.

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