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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nearly As Evil As God?

American doctors are evil for the most part and in spite of there being some exceptions all they care about is exploiting the maladies God has inflicted upon the human race. Many diseases have no prevention and no cure. Some diseases can be prevented and cured. Obesity is one of them. Doctors and their FDA run industry cash in big time on the fact that you are fat. When a doctor sees a fatling he doesn't see a human being he sees dollar signs. Fat people mean huge profits for the medical industry and the white coat mafia. Diabetes CHA CHING! Heart disease CHA CHING, High blood pressure CHA CHING!  Sleep apnea CHA CHING.... the list goes on.

You can stop being fat simply by eating less and moving more. Do it! "How" the ignorant fatling asks.  It's simple. Calculate your basal metabolic rate by multiplying your weight  times 10. If you are 300 pounds then your BMR is 3000 calories per day. If you eat 3000 calories per day you will lose about 3 pounds per week. As your body weight drops recalculate your BMR and eat at that level. This is a slow process but slow and steady wins the race and it is much safer than much easier than some crash diet some fuck wad doctor would prescribe.

obese person

Like it of not you are a glutton and you received a lot of help from the food and medical industry to become and stay a glutton.

Like God, doctors suck but the good new is, doctors have shorter life spans than the general population because they believe their own bullshit. God also has will die when the Higgs Boson disintegrates.

Now you have the tool to not be fat and it you fail to act,,, FUCK YOU and DIE SOON!

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