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Friday, January 4, 2013

Weight Loss Surgery Complications

The chances of dying from  Gastric bypass are greater than one in 50. You have the ability to control your eating. You can select foods that are low in calories that are healthy. Your obesity is a result of your choices and you need to admit that if you ever want to be lean and healthy. Weight loss surgeons are greedy bunch and they are an unethical bunch. Avoid them.

If you go onto YouTube you will find hundreds of more testimonies like these from patients who nearly died and are maimed for life. Unfortunately the families of the victims of weight loss surgery early post videos about the murders of their loved ones.

For every one of these horror stories that you see on YouTube there are thousands that you will never know about. The problems with weight loss surgery and gastric bypass particular are many and varied. If you decide to get serious about reforming your eating habits and learning a little bit about the right way to lose weight and keep it off you will not be fat ever again. When you learn to become empowered you realize that you don't need some butcher to surgically induce bulimia in you. If you really want to be healthy a proper diet will lead you to good health. The problem with gastric bypass is that after it's done you cannot eat properly matter how hard you try. What happens with gastric bypass is a greedy butcher pokes some holes through your abdominal wall and goes in with glorified chopsticks and destroys your perfectly healthy digestive system. That is not only unethical and against Hippocratic oath it is immoral.

There are videos of actual bypass surgery on YouTube. Take the time to wash one. Even if you are squeamish watch them but realize that the surgeon or the narrator in the video is doing sales job.

If you are serious about losing weight the old-fashioned way leave a message in the comments section and we a discussion on this page. I can only answer one person and hopefully others will read it and benefit from it.


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