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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Only A Fool Would Pay a Surgeon To Destroy Their Digestive System

If you're fat, it has nothing to do with your digestive system. Your digestive system is not the problem. Having gastric bypass surgery because you eat too much instead of controlling your eating the responsible and old-fashioned way is like going to a doctor because you bite your fingernails and then having the Dr. cut off your fingers. Removing your currently healthy digestive system simply because lack the will or the ambition to learn how to eat correctly and do it is insanity. Any Dr. who recommend or perform gastric bypass surgery is a piece of shit.

What you are doing is a choice. Every morsel of food you shove into your mouth is a result of a choice. When you choose this behavior you choose a consequences and you know the consequences of obesity are bad health. The pleasure that you derive from food far outweighs your sense of social and personal responsibility. There is a word for people like you, is called glutton. So take a good look in the mirror and tell that person staring back at you that he or she to the greedy and selfish glutton. The first stepped in solving a problem is to correctly identify diet and then own it. Grow up in on the fact that you are glutton.

You need to ask yourself whether your perceived inability to learn proper nutrition and apply it to your lifestyle is a matter of can't or a matter of won't. If you are even half way honest you know that it's a matter of won't but because you're poor impulse control and because you're intellectually lazy and intellectually dishonest you will probably let some slick moneygrubbing Dr. talk you into the barbaric procedure known as weight loss surgery.

Obesity has proven many things about your character. It proves that you choose blissful ignorance over knowledge. It proves that you place your hedonistic pleasure above your loved ones. Your obesity proves that food is more important to you than your spouse. Your lust for food is clearly stronger than your love for your children.

If you get gastric bypass surgery there is a one in 50 chance that you will die within 30 days of the procedure. Most surgeons will not tell you that. There industry will tell you that the mortality rate is 100 or one in 200. There industry for the bunch of liars.

If you get gastric bypass surgery and you survive you will face a life of malnutrition and constant digestive problems such as dumping syndrome. You are never addressed the reasons for why you behave in such a blatantly selfish manner.

Here you go stupid... You need to eat less any need to move more and when you do that you will lose weight. If you never remember anything in your miserable life remember this. If you are a female and you eat 2000 cal a day the most weight you can maintain his 140 pounds. If you are active you will be able the maintain much less. If you are a man and you eat 2500 cal a day the most weight you'll be able to maintain his 160 pounds. If you're active you'll be able to maintain much less weight. That's reality and if anybody tells you anything different than that they are a liar and or and idiot and if you believe them you are an idiot so maybe you should pay that surgeon $60,000 to fuck you up.


  1. Finally somebody is telling the truth about fattie and the greedy bariatric surgeons.

    1. I'm not the first one to expose this scam. Obesity makes huge short term profits for the medical industry. That is why there are obesogens are being put in the food supply along with clever marketing of junk food.

      Making people sick is good business. People have to stop being lambs to the slaughter.

  2. Just lost a dear dear friend of 25 years to the sleeve.Went in for the sleeve this Monday Wednesday at midnight she joined the lord. Single mother leaving four kids behind, what Dr. Okayd this is beyond me especially with the huge risk.I am so sad I was under the impression this surgery is routine now days, I will bury the best person I have ever known on Monday as I watch her little close not family be divided, Lord I wish I woulve known this. People please listen. Ironically my mom also lost her Best friend to bypass 25 years ago too. I am shocked, th ESE procedures should be illegal they are not safe enough. Those who are considering take note. Don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am sorry for your loss.

      These surgeries are technically illegal. It is an assault to damage or remove a healthy organ. These surgeries should not be legal but they are because the American medical industry is probably the best funded lobbying group there is.

      American doctors are for the most part unregulated. The are self-regulated which is like asking a 6 year old kid to guard the cookie jar.

      American medicine IS the leading of death and injury. Google "Death by Medicine".

      Please warn others.


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