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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Google Censorship You Tube Censorship

One of my favorite You Tubers is Dusty Smith. Dusty channel is called Cult of Dusty. Dusty uses humor and biting wit to comment on and debunk the insanity that is religion. Google/You Tube are censoring his channel.

I too have had my Bigger Fatter Blog censored. What happens is special interest groups will flag something that they don't, lie about it to Google/You Tube and if  Google/You Tube receives enough complaints Google/You Tube will arbitrarily censor, suspend, de index the blog or channel or delete the account.

Google/You Tube offers no appeal process nor do they even investigate. What they do is what the free speech haters want, the censor.

In my case a bunch of fat man hating fat acceptance cunts flagged my blog. I even received death threats. Dusty is being targeted by religious asshole. Go to You Tube and flag ALL religious channels. Fight fire with fire and while doing so subscribe to his channel and all other atheist channels if you love free speech.

Also use the other search engines like Bing, Scroogle and Duck Duck go. DO NOT INSTALL Google Chrome unless you want root kits, malware and trojans.

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