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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Doctor Salaries in The US

US doctors are the highest paid in the world. They also make the most medical errors and cause the most iatrogenic deaths and injuries. American doctors are not going outside the US to practice medicine but over 1 MILLION patients go outside the US to get affordable and higher quality medical care. It's called medical tourism. Neurosurgery Salaries
Lowest Reported Average Reported Highest Reported
$354000 $541000 $936000 Gastroenterology Physician Jobs Information - Salaries
Lowest Reported Average Reported Highest Reported
$265000             $349000               $590000 Cardiovascular Surgery Salary Information
Lowest Reported Average Reported Highest Reported
$351108             $558719                $852717 Cardiology Salaries
Lowest Reported Average Reported Highest Reported
$268000             $403000               $811000 Orthopedic Surgery Salary Information
Lowest Reported Average Reported Highest Reported
$228000              $459000              $1,352,000 Plastic Surgery Salary Information
Lowest Reported Average Reported Highest Reported
$237000             $412000               $820000


Do you think US doctors get paid enough, too much or too little? If you think they get paid enough or not enough then do you think that non American doctors get paid too little even though they are far better at their craft?

The fact of the matter is American doctor suck at what they to, they don't give a shit about their patients and they are over paid and that is why people can't stand them.

American Doctors Are Incompetent and Such Fuck Ups That They Die 8 Years Sooner than the General Population

 It is sometimes said that doctors have one of the worst life expectancy among professions and it's true!

"Why do doctors have a lower life expectancy (58 years) than almost all other

"In any case, I think the more important point here is that doctors have a lower life expectancy.":

"It is well known that doctors have a lower life expectancy than average. A recent study in the US by Kevin Kenward of the AMA found that doctors live 8 years less than the average despite a higher socio-economic status and all the benefits that entails.":


  1. I'm studying to become a neurosurgeon now and I can't help but think that either you are using a dollar I am not familiar with or all of these salaries are wrong considering that your lowest reported salary for my field is actually closer to the median for a surgeon with ten years experience. The average is certainly not half a million dollars. (Is this not in USD??)And as for the US doctors making so many 'errors' and causing deaths I suppose your idea would be based in the fact that the US medical system is private, anyone can get any surgery that could possible succeed. In most European systems you die before you undergo a procedure with a five percent survival chance given your circumstances. In the US, we generally feel inclined to offer the patient the procedure or even have it authorized by family if that person is not in a condition that would allow them to make the decision themselves. Since the state wont be required to assume financial responsibility in the event of death we fight until we're out of options (though at no point is a patient forced to continue treatment).

    1. These are the salaries that they are reporting. Spine and Neurosurgeons make a lot more in kickbacks from the spine companies. A spine surgeon if he gets hooked up with a manufacturer can easily make 2 million a year. Get in on the gravy before you guys get held responsible. Google the Spine Blogger for the complete 411 on how to get filthy rich as a spine surgeon.

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