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Friday, January 12, 2018

The Death Rate From Gastric By Pass Really is Greater Than One in Fifty

Gastric Bypass Surgery Gone Bad - CBS News

CBS News has no reasons to lie but the weight loss surgery industry has MILLIONS of reasons to lie.

Actually the risks of dying from weight loss surgery is greater than one in fifty. The death rate for the first 30 days is 1 in 50. Many victims linger on for years and some even slow starve to death regardless of how much they eat because after WLS many patients are unable to absorb nutrients from the food they eat.  

Doctors suck and if you don't believe me google "Doctors are" and the google Doctors are A then Doctors are followed by a B and so on a so forth. You get the drill. 

See the source image

The don't have to do this.  The problem is between your ears. There is nothing wrong with your digestive system so don't pay some greedy butcher to destroy it!


  1. Weight loss surgery is barbaric!

  2. Weight loss surgery is barbaric!

  3. Weight loss surgery is barbaric!

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  5. I had my surgery back in 2008 in Spartanburg sc by Dr paul Ross I am slowly dieing and throw up every single bite of food I tske in my life. I don't know what to do who to go to because he won't see me due to not having medical insurance and please please if anyone can help or give advice im all ears I don't have much longer I'm desperate I have 2 kids tjst need me but not like this I don't mind giving my email or name I have nothing to lose and not enough time to wait. I can count every bone in my poor 67 lbs body!!!!"yes I said 67 lbs my friends. At night I'm scared to lay down in fear of drowning in my own vomit! Who wants to go that way?? Not me!!!

  6. Oh and if anyone decides to reach out and please help me my email address is a.m.s.sanders1129@

  7. My Aunt Carol had weight loss surgery and she got sepsis and died. She really wasn't that heavy. She could have lost the weight with a diet but some greedy doctors talked her into it.. MURDERER!


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