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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Beyond Malpractice: A Goldmine For Lawyers

A way to get more business. The biggest criminals with the deepest pockets are doctors and members of the medical industry. The medical industry is 20% of the US GDP and by 2020 it will be whopping 25%.

Nearly every medical office, hospital and drug company is awash with criminal activity that often results in the deaths and injury of Americans but since the rich in America are above the law rich criminals rarely even get arrested let alone prosecuted or convicted. In fact the largest CRIMINAL fines are against the medical industry but nobody get arrested let alone prosecuted.

There is a goldmine out there. Lawyers can potentially mine $100's of billions dollars from the massive criminal activity of the American medical industry. It is a fact that more than 1/3 and probably 1/2 of what patients pay for health care is waste and fraud and nearly every doctor, hospital, lab, clinic, device company a drug company is doing it. Even with the lower estimate of 1/3 that is $750 BILLION of theft per year which is more than the entire US defense budget. I'd rather see some of that money in the hands of you ambulance chasers than in the hands of the medical Mafia.

Here is an example of how the medical industry steals, kills and maims.

In 2009, Eli Lilly agreed to pay $1.4 Billion in criminal and civil penalties for such off-label promotion of Zyprexa and Pfizer agreed to pay $2.3 Billion for the illegal off-label promotion of Geodon and other drugs.  In 2010, Astra-Zeneca agreed to pay $520 million for the illegal off-label promotion of Seroquel for use in children, and Forest Laboratories agreed to pay $309 million for the illegal off-label promotion of the use of Lexapro and Celexa in children.  However, despite these large penalties by the drug companies, the practice has not stopped.  It is merely a cost of doing business to these pharmaceutical Goliaths and, in fact, caps their liability for these crimes.  Most importantly, these settlements have not stopped the practice of child psychiatrists and other prescribers giving these drugs to children and youth and Medicaid continuing to pay for these fraudulent claims.

There is a toxic environment in most medical practices. I know this because I used to make sales calls on them. That is why pharmaceutical salesmen ply these barracudas with food so even they won't get bitten. Since most doctors are snakes they hire snakes and the snakes they hire are underpaid backstabbing  brutal bitches who when they are not abusing patients are starting shit with co-workers. Some of them are too stupid to know what their bosses are up to but others will stab their boss in the back if they think they can profit from it. Sometimes it takes a crook to catch a crook.

Here is my suggestion to lawyers. Make more Americans familiar with qui tam whistle blower lawsuits. Have your industry send generic information to medical practices, hospitals, drug companies and medical device companies that let disgruntled workers know that they can make a fortune by ratting out their criminal bosses.

A campaign of doctor bashing

When the facts are known Americans will see that the American medical industry is far more sinister than even ISIS or the Nazis and here is why. Even most Nazis believed that what they did was right and ISIS and other Muslim groups believe what they are doing is serving God. The members of the medical industry are not so deluded. They know that they are disease exploiting mercenaries and whores. They know that they are the leading cause of death and injury in the world today. They are deny this holocaust even though they know it is real and that they are the cause. Show them no mercy. If God is a just God he won't. When judges and jury pools learn that the biggest criminals on the planet are doctors and their industry. Make it impossible for this industry to win a court case.

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