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Monday, April 28, 2014

How You Can Save Others From Weight Loss Surgery

There is a site called Obesity-Help. It's a weight loss surgery site set up to sucker suckers into paying a butcher/surgeon to wreck their digestive system. Obesity Help is not about helping people struggling with obesity but rather Obesity-Help is there to exploit the fears and ignorance of the obese.

Obesity help has a forum and a chat room. Many of the members are sock puppets and attack trolls. I would urge you to register on that forum and using private messaging to was newbies about the dangers of WLS. Click Here For The Obesity Help Forum 

My motivation for asking you to do his is two fold. First and foremost it is to save lives and prevent misery but it is also to put a financial hurt on the scumbags doctors who do this.

If you are considering WLS ask yourself for all the valid reason for why you can't eat 2000 calories a day if you are a woman and 2500 if you are a man. If you eat at that level you CANNOT become obese.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cervicore Lawsuit Cervicore Victims


It's not just the weight loss industry that is a criminal enterprise. The American orthopedic industry is every bit as corrupt if not more than the weight loss industry, the pharmaceutical and hospital industries.

You've probably seen the TV advertisements regarding product liability lawsuits for victims of the Stryker metal on metal knee and hip implants. Stryker and their cabal of orthopedic surgeons along with the FDA knew from  published information that hip implants & knee implants using metal-metal articulating surfaces came with egregious safety concerns, e.g., the risk of tumor formation, chromosomal aberrations, carcinogenic potential in human patients -- and yet these highly trained medical professionals and orthopedic surgeons allowed these lethal devices to be implanted into their patients without providing them with any warning. To put it into simpler terms; everyone at Stryker knew from it's own testing that its metal on metal joint implants would degrade, deform and shed toxic metal ions into their human recipients. Stryker knew all along that implanting metal on metal implants into human beings would cause catastrophic health problems that would lead to prolonged and agonizing deaths. In their depraved indifference the power that be at the amoral Stryker corporation and the surgeons involved just didn't care. The sinister saga continues

Stryker Strikes again only worse this time!  Their latest batch of victims were injured even more grievously than the 1000's of hip and knee implant  victims and in this case there was even more medical malfeasance involved. Stryker Spine's CerviCore disc is a metal on metal artificial total replacement prosthetic. Thomas Errico, MD designed the  articulating saddle shaped device with the aim of preserving motion after implanting it into the intervertebral space between two vertebrae of the cervical spine. The inherently unstable saddle shape design of the CerviCore device in combination with the use of a heat treatment was known by Stryker to escalate the deterioration and wear properties of cobalt chromium (nickel and molybdenum with titanium plasma spray) in metal on metal articulating devices was a well known red flag for causing catastrophic outcomes in the device industry. Ironically, it was Stryker Howmedica's own research team of engineers, Wang, Wang & Gustavson who demonstrated that the heat treatment caused rapid deterioration of articulating wear properties in their published research  titled:  Metal on Metal Wear Testing of Co-Cr Alloys 

The FDA did NOT approve the application for the legally required investigational device exemption (IDE) that had been submitted by Stryker Howmedica Osteonics in 2004. Without an order from the FDA granting a valid IDE to the sponsor, Howmedica Osteonics, dba Stryker Spine, the CerviCore device was absolutely prohibited for use on human subjects in clinical trials. And it stands to reason, that shipping the unauthorized device for experimental use or marketing anywhere in US jurisdiction would be prohibited and a violation of Interstate Commerce Act 21 USC 331. 

Stryker's Sinister Bait and Switch

Instead of complying with the FDA decision for further testing of the CerviCore disc, Stryker switched the CerviCore Disc that was used in the application for an IDE  that was denied with and replaced it with a second CerviCore disc that you see in the picture above. This was done to thwart federal laws governing the protection of  human research subjects in clinical trials. 


Test Subjects Were Deceived 

The second rogue CerviCore disc was never tested in any pre-clinical trial tests and was arbitrarily implanted into the spines of any patient that the surgeons could coerce into becoming participants in what was an illegal clinical trial. The Stryker Spine CerviCore CT-002-04 had to be registered in the Government database for trial devices that were NOT approved for any use

Stryker CeriCore Victims Product Liability Case

On Friday April 11, the law firm of Zoll, Kranz & Borgess, LLC filed a lawsuit behalf of a group of fourteen plaintiffs against Howmedica Osteonics Corp. (which does business as Stryker Spine) alleging Howmedica’s trial device called called CerviCore injured them.

Read Here About Stryker's Sinister Bait and Switch 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Shame On You Fat Girl!

Carnie Wilson Still Fat
That's right. You did this to yourself and now you are paying the piper. You can either screw up your courage and own your gluttony and then either accept it or change it or you can remain in denial. Even the butcher surgeon who makes millions butchering perfectly health digestive systems will tell you that weight loss surgery is merely a tool albeit a deadly tool. Chances are you will blow it like Carnie Wilson and return to your fat and gluttonous lifestyles. OINK!

This article is called Shame On You Fat Girl so here comes the  much needed dose of fat shaming at Chateau Heartist. 

For those of you who won't venture over to his place to read his full essay, here are seven lessons  from him, being a self described malevolent force, with regards to the truth about fat:
Lesson Number One
Men are repulsed by the sight and feel (and smell) of fat chicks. All further lessons flow from this basic premise.

Lesson Number Two
A man with options to do so will choose a slender babe over a fat chick, EVERY TIME.(Rare exceptions prove the rule. Or: Don’t count on miracles, fatties.)

Lesson Number Three
A man married to a woman who has bloated into Hogzilla proportions will become increasingly unhappy, frustrated and resentful, and will express his displeasure with his fat wife in both passive and active ways.

Lesson Number Four
A fat wife is more harmful than is a fat husband to marital health and happiness. Fatness exacts a bigger toll on a woman’s sexual market value (and, therefore, marital market value) than it does on a man’s sexual and marital market value. Men are more visually oriented than women, and a fat man can compensate for his fatness by being attractive in other ways that women love. Fat women cannot compensate for their fatness except by losing weight and slimming down to a sexy, hourglass shape.

Lesson Number Five
Fat wives increase the odds of spousal adultery and marital dissolution. A wife who lets herself go on piles of cakes and cheesy poofs is primarily responsible for any infidelity her husband commits. Harsh, but true.

Lesson Number Six
A husband will be more likely to love, cherish and support his wife if she is thin. Life is conditional. Stop crying, and deal with it.

Lesson Number Seven
The cure for marital unhappiness and a lowering of the high risk of divorce among fat wife-healthy man couples is the fat wife losing weight until she has regained her attractive, slender, feminine shape. Marriage counselors will invariably bleat tired platitudes about “interpersonal dynamics”, “increasing perceived support”, and “unresolved masculinity issues”, and none of their solutions will work except to line their filthy pockets and turn wives against their husbands. They are worse than useless, because they lead women away from the one tried-and-true solution that *will* fix their marriages: losing weight.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Weight Loss Surgery: Part of a Bigger Conspiracy

At the risk of sounding like Alex Jones... here it goes...

Let's start with some facts and try to tie this together.

1. In the 1970's the obesity rate was 3%. Today 35% of Americans are obese. The idiots in the fat acceptance movement and liars and crooks in the medical industry would like us to believe that somehow the obesity epidemic is caused by genetic, carbohydrates, stress, depression, anxiety, food addiction, stress, air conditioning and the boogeyman. The reason there is an obesity epidemic is because people are eat more... a LOT more.

2. The second leading cause of death and injury in the US is gluttony/obesity and the leading of death and injury is the American medical industrial complex. We lose  400,000 Americans to gluttony/obesity and we lose 1 MILLION to the greed and incompetence of the medical industry. The actual number is probably much higher.

3. The medical industry by some estimates is 20% of the US GDP

4. 1/3 of what Americans pay for health care goes to cover waste and fraud. Waste usually is fraud.

5. The FDA is the lapdog of the food, drug and medical device industries.

6. “Obese men rack up an additional $1,152 a year in medical spending, especially for hospitalizations and prescription drugs, Cawley and Chad Meyerhoefer ofLehigh University reported in January in the Journal of Health Economics. Obese women account for an extra $3,613 a year. Using data from 9,852 men (average BMI: 28) and 13,837 women (average BMI: 27) ages 20 to 64, among whom 28 percent were obese, the researchers found even higher costs among the uninsured: annual medical spending for an obese person was $3,271 compared with $512 for the non-obese.” Read more here.

As you can see, the corporate gangsters in the medical industry cash in on the obesity epidemic and BTW your own doctor is most likely one of those gangsters.

Doctors Do More Harm Than Good! click here for more

Most people believe that doctors save far more than they harm, and that any doctor-induced injuries are usually minor.  However, there is plenty of evidence that shows otherwise.  In the year 2000, doctors in Israel decided to go on strike; demanding increases in pay.  Before long, morticians began to notice a bizarre trend.
“The number of funerals we have performed has fallen drastically”.
— Hananya Shahor, the veteran director of
Jerusalem's Kehilat Yerushalayim burial society.
The longer the doctors' strike continued, the more the death rate fell.  In some locations, the death rate dropped by an astounding 50%.  Unfortunately, the doctors eventually stopped their strike, and the mortality rates returned to normal again.  This same thing had happened in Israel previously, almost twenty years earlier.
“There definitely is a connection between the doctors' sanctions and fewer deaths.  We saw the same thing in 1983 [when the Israel Medical Association applied sanctions for four and a half months].”
— Meir Adler, manager of the Shamgar Funeral Parlour
This would be easy to dismiss as sub-standard Israeli medicine if this phenomena were restricted to just that part of the world, but similar results were seen in 1976, in Los Angeles, when doctors went on strike for just one month.  The death rate quickly decreased by 18%.  These shocking statistics have since been studied, and it is official; doctors are killing people.
There are, of course, rationalizations for the reductions in mortality, but they are poor.  During the strikes, emergency care was always ongoing, whilst elective (unnecessary) surgeries ground to a halt.  This is one of the main explanations for the lowered mortality rates during doctor's strikes, and the lack of deaths by pharmaceuticals has been ignored.
A 2008 review published in the Social Science & Medicine journal analyzed five separate incidents in which doctor strikes led to decreased mortality.   They also attempted to blame the lack of elective surgeries, but in the end, they were forced to admit that "the literature suggests that reductions in mortality may result from these strikes".  So, the best way to reduce deaths in this country may be to fire the doctors.

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Now I will connect the dots if you haven't already.

The food industry which is one of the FDA's masters spends BILLIONS on creating food flavorings that cause intense cravings that can be as powerful as nicotine, crack cocaine or heroine. Sounds like science fiction but it is science fact. Don't believe me? Does this sound too Alex Jones, too truther, too birther? If so read the following transcript from 60 Minutes.

It’s no surprise that processed foods and beverages are designed and engineered to taste good. But as you listen to Morley Safer interview several employees of Givaudan, the world’s largest flavoring and fragrance manufacturer, you quickly realize that’s delicious is not the only goal of Big Food companies.  Here’s a brief part of their conversation as they talk about the creation of fruit flavorings:

Givaudan [Dawn Streich]: In our fruit flavors we’re talking about, we want a burst in the beginning. And maybe a finish that doesn’t linger too much so that you want more of it.

[Hassel]: And you don’t want a long linger, because you’re not going to eat more of it if it lingers.

60 Minutes [Morley Safer]: Aha. So I see, it’s going to be a quick fix. And then–

Givaudan [Hassel]: Have more.

60 Minutes [Morley Safer]: And then have more. But that suggests something else?

Givaudan [Hassel]: Exactly.

60 Minutes [Morley Safer]: Which is called addiction?

Givaudan [Hassel]: Exactly.

60 Minutes [Morley Safer]: You’re tryin’ to create an addictive taste?

Givaudan [Hassel]: That’s a good word.

Givaudan [Streich]: Or something that they want to go back for again and again.


Are you starting to be convinced that there may be a conspiracy at foot?

When Mitt Romney said, "corporations are people my friend" I wanted him to choke to death on those words. Most corporations exist for one purpose and one purpose only and that is the bottom line. Corporations are run by CEOs COOs CFOs and  boards of directors. These pieces of treasonous trash are as addicted to money as a fat girl is addicted to Doritos. They know that their food are unhealthy and "addictive". They also know that fat people eat more and they are well aware than fat people get sick more and rack up huge medical bills. The food corporations and the medical corporations work and in hand. Obesity is obscenely profitable. Making you fat makes them rich.

This does not excuse you or your piggish behavior and willful ignorance so don't go using this as an excuse. You are still a responsible and the sooner you own that fact the sooner you will lose weight and reform. You did it to yourself and the corporate food gangsters merely enabled you. They see you as lambs to the slaughter and pigs to the trough. You have the power to stop eating junk food. Your gluttony is a choice. When you stop eating slop the cravings will stop.

Repeat this: When I stop eating slop the cravings will stop.

When I stop eating slop the cravings will stop. 

When I stop eating slop the cravings will stop. 

When I stop eating slop the cravings will stop.

If after reading this you are still stupid enough to pay some doctor to hack up your digestive system then God help you.