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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Facts About Lap-Band® Surgery Failure

Some facts about Lap-Band® surgery failure by Fat Bastardo

STAY FAT! Lazy and weak willed gluttons want to hear good things and they don’t want to talk or listen about negative part. And that’s why most of us don’t accept or realize that Lap-Band® surgery is not successful for the majority of patients. Study over this shows that Lap-Band® surgery failure is with most of patients. Before opting for this surgery we should know about the pro and cons of this surgery. Failure define that you are not getting proper weight loss or regain weight after some time or getting such complications which leads for the removal of band. Failure of Lap-Band® surgery doesn’t depend on time, it may occurs at any time, 4 years….5yeras…6yeras..or anytime after surgery. Failure indicates that now your body is not supporting Lap-Band® and you are now move to either regain weight or stay with some complications. 
Lap-Band® failure rates depend upon many factors. Studies show that at least 60% of people that has been banded for 6 years fail with their Lap-Band® . Late complication affects more on this. About 33.1% of late complications including band erosion (9.5%), band slippage (6.3%), port related problems (7.6%), re-operation (21.7%). With the increase of time with Lap-Band® , Lap-Band® failure rate increase. Patients successfully spent time with Lap-Band® for about 2 years but as time passes, they started to get late compilations or other problem and it increase failure rate. After 18 months failure rates are 13.2%, after 3 years it is 23.8%, at 5 years 31.5% and after 7 years 36.9 years. Approx 60% of patients live happily after Lap-Band® surgery but rest of them suffer with minor or major complications and at last failure of Lap-Band® . Success rate after few years are but with less than 50% weight loss. Nowadays each year late complications are added with 3 to 4%.

There are lots of people who suffer Lap-Band® failure after 3 years of Lap-Band® surgery. When you look over the Lap-Band® failure stories, you experience how they are feeling.

My Lap-Band® taken out Tuesday. I was tired of 2 years of hell. Now I am happy that I come out from this but I wasted my money and two years for this…..” Maria

My band was completely unfilled due to severe reflux. After one year, I lose 40% of weight but now I started to regain. I gain more than what I lose. This is completely unpredictable for me.” … Julia chan

I spent 5 years with Lap-Band® , pain and limitation over diet. After that it comes with complications and I removed it. Now I am back to the same BMI… Now what I say”…..Robert

It is not that Lap-Band® fails for everybody but there are some reasons which may become cause for this. If you take some point in consideration before and after Lap-Band® surgery, you would not be in the queue of such people.

What are the reasons for Lap-Band® surgery failure?

It makes eating most food difficult and it makes the healthy and fibrous foods like fruits and vegetables impossible and often dangerous to eat.

American bariatric surgeons are for the most part a bunch of poorly trained and greedy fuck ups.

Your diet choices are severely limited and they are not limited to health food such as slow carbs, whole grains and fiber. Instead you will be forced to eat low fiber, low carb and you will be stuck eating protein shake and high fat food. Any feeder or gainer will tell you. FAT FATTENS BEST!

Lapbands for many patients remain painful and that forces pain compliance and induced bulimia to barely eating but because Lapband does little to quell hunger patients will easily circumvent the restrictive bottle beck cause by the band by eating high fat and sugary foods.

Lap-Band® success rate is dismal. It needs your full commitments to make it successful so you may as well stay fat or screw up your courage and gradually lose the weight. You need to change your lifestyle according to your weight loss goal same as a diet so in point of fact Lapband is merely a diet aid and a poor and dangerous one at that. Your control over eating can make Lap-Band® successful for you for a lifetime (albeit a shortened one) and you get desired result with this same as a diet but with more pain and deadly health consequences. Unlike most other surgery, Lap-Band® surgery is also associated with high failure failure and low rates of success, but it all depends on you how you make it. In other words you can change your gluttonous ways without the pain and risk of Lap-Band® surgery or you can change your gluttonous ways with Lap-Band® surgery and suffer pain and complications and possible death. 

A Lap Band Surgeon Breaks His Silence

Don't fall for the industry bullshit.  Click here for the truth!

DON'T BE STUPID!  Either go one a diet or stay fat!

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