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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gastric Bypass Kills More Than One in Fifty Victims Within the First 30 Days

A recent study by researchers at the University of Washington found that 1 in 50 people die within one month of having gastric bypass surgery, and that figure jumps nearly fivefold if the surgeon is inexperienced.

The barbarians who offer this surgery to patients tell them that there death rate is 1 in 200 but that is a lie. The death toll is much higher. It is 1 in 50 within the first 30 days but even if you are lucky enough to make it past 30 days you are still not out of the woods. The complications of this deadly surgery are many and varied.
From Bariatric Times an Industry Website

With the rising number of Roux en-Y gastric bypasses performed around the world, general surgeons should expect to face an equally rising number of early- and late-term complications. Marginal or anastomotic ulcers constitute the majority of these cases, representing as many as 52 percent of postoperative complications. Marginal ulceration is a challenging problem, which can cause significant of morbidity in other words death in the postoperative bariatric patient. Its etiology remains elusive and perhaps multifactorial, including both exogenous and intrinsic or technical factors. In addition, while prevention is key, it is often difficult to achieve. While most of these types of ulcers do respond to medical therapy, there is a select group of patients that continues to suffer from symptomatic, nonhealing ulcers, despite appropriate medical treatment, and requires surgical intervention. The current body of literature does not contain a great deal on the subject of optimal surgical management for marginal ulcers intractable to medical therapy, perhaps a reflection of marginal ulcers’ unclear etiology. This review aims to summarize the current knowledge on marginal ulcers, starting with the diagnosis and medical management, and focusing on current approaches to surgical management, including innovative techniques. The goal is to recognize risk factors, promote patient adherence with treatment, and to become well versed with surgical options and preventive measures.
Doctors lie.
They will blame the patient by saying, "Well, they were fat and unhealthy to begin with." but the truth is it is not usually the co-morbid conditions of obesity that kill these people who have been suckered into this ghastly surgery it is almost always the surgery itself.

How Does it Work?

Ghastly Bypass Surgery simply makes eating and digestion very difficult. WLS takes a perfectly healthy digestive system and damages it so it cannot function properly. That IMO is insanity and bad bad bad medicine.
Weight Loss Surgery Is Really Elective Surgery 
Heart valve replacement surgery is a must for patients but it has a far far lower mortality rate than ghastly bypass.
The mortality rate for heart valve replacement surgery is only 2.4%.

That’s right. That's truth about heart valve surgery.  At some clinics, the rate has dropped to only 1.8%. When they try to hand you the malarkey that the high mortality rates are due to the pre-surgical health of the patient they are lying.

The death rate for open heart surgery nationwide is 2.14%

If you have stumbled onto this article because you are fat and sickly then maybe it's time you realize that the gluttonous lifestyle is not for you. You can eat responsibly without being forced to do so by this deadly, barbaric and ghastly procedure. You do have a choice. You can continue your gluttony and accept the fact that food and it's pleasures means more to you than anything else, even life itself or you can eat the kind of food at the amount lean people eat.

If you are one of the "lucky" ones who don't die you will suffer from the many complications that never go away and the thing thing you love the most ie FOOD will never soothe, and pleasure you again. No matter how you look at it ghastly bypass is a very bad idea.
Don't wait! Order your super sized coffin NOW!

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