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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Pastor Chefferson Destroys Nasty Fat Girl Gluttons On Bariatic Pal

Fat girls are nasty inside and out and now Pastor Chefferson knows it. Unitarian minister Charles Chefferson went to Bariatric Pal to gather some insight on weight loss surgery and why people simply stop being gluttonous and slothful. That hit a nerve with the angry, jealous fat girls there.

Fat girls not only lack self-control, the lack basic decency. Selfishness and disrespect are key components of fattitude. Fat girls like male sausage but they hate men nearly as much as they hate slender women. Only a real loser of  man would stick his dick in they yeasty hole of a fat girl.

Image result for fattitude
Ugly Hideous Fat Feminist Type Oozing Fattitude And Cunt Yeast 

As we all know, most fat girls who have WLS never keep the weight off because they never lose the fattitude.

I told the pastor to show those fat slobs no mercy but he went there all fillled with Christian charity only to get hit my a big yeasty flabblanche of paranoia, lies and lame insults. No he knows the truth about fat sluts. They are irredeemable and a waste of protoplasm.

The Weight Loss Industry and Google Shadow Banned This Blog

Graph of Blogger page views

The numbers don't lie but doctors and Google do.

Google is a censoring son of a bitch and the weight loss surgery industry is butchering son of a bitch.

Filthy doctors complained and Google whores sucked their dicks.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Deadly Doctors and Their Deadly Industry

 If the surgery doesn't kill you their drugs will. Wake up fatties! There is nothing wrong with your stomach or your intestines. Your digestive system is just fine. You don't need to pay some greedy bastardly butcher to fuck up your stomach and your intestine. If you want to lose weight and keep it off simply admit that your are a greedy glutton and then stop being a greedy glutton from this day forward. If you are a moral person you will cease your gluttonous behavior now and you will encourage others to do the same. If you are a fat fucking idiot then walk into the medical meat grinder and bring the other lemmings along with you and live on protein shakes for the rest of your miserable worthless life.

 Your gluttony and the FOOD and DRUG Administration is why you are a big fat waddling eating machine. Grow up and cut your calories to 2500 or less if you are a man and 2000 if you are a woman.  There is no reason for why you can't do that and you know it PIG!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Death By Medicine


Gastric bypass is the most deadly elective surgery on the all with a mortality rate on one in fifty. There are many other bad things that happen to Amercican at the hands of the greedy and criminal health care industry. Death By Medicine give you all the facts and figures.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Weightloss Surgery Victims Discuss Their Gallbladder Disease

See the source image

Of the many complications of weight loss surgery gallbladder surgery is one of the big ones and another money maker for the greedy medical industry. 


Check out this thread on the Obesity Help Forum.  Sign up and troll the shit out of them.

Rapid weight loss almost always results in gall stones. 

Gallbladder problems after weight loss

Risk Factors. One risk factor for developing gallbladder problems is rapid weight loss. As your body burns fat quickly, some of the cholesterol in the liver seeps into the bile, which can cause cholesterol gallstones. You can develop gallstones if you lose and gain weight repeatedly.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Low Carb Is Deadly

Low Carber Forums and the Chef

Because of the lying sacks of shit at Low Carber forums, I, Fat Bastardo have alerted the reader of my blogs and the 1000's of members of my network to troll and destroy the LowCarbTards they way we destroyed the angry fat girl run fat acceptance movement. Currently, we are targeting Low Carber Forums for destruction. We have already done the recon and are starting some behind the lines sabotage before our full on assault. Jenna Talia, PFA, Harpoon, and Rotunda Hindenberg are recruiting more soldiers. So far we have not unleashed the "bear" Jew, aka Dr Bear. As you all know I, Fat Bastardo have been lean for going on 4 years. The Chef lost over 100 pounds and has another 50 to go. The Chef paid the liars at Low Carber a visit and because he told the truth and because of his expertise on food and nutrition and he's a man of color, those lying sacks of shit racists banned him. The Chef was responding to a fat cunt named Violet Grey when they dropped the ban hammer on him but being resourceful, the Chef saved the post.

 [QUOTE=violetgrey]I live in a city with many Chinese people. The oldsters are nearly all bent over their walkers with severe osteoporosis. My daughter married a half Japanese man who was brought up to eat polished white rice daily, as well as other Japanese food habits. They also pretty much live on noodles. He's lost several older relatives to cancer of the stomach and bowel. Yet they continue with the tradition of feeding polished white rice and noodles to the kids, despite trying to buy everything else organic (meats, vegetables, fruits). I suspect that all the books and articles I have read about Chinese and Japanese diets being healthier are completely skewed. I see no evidence of it just looking around. Everything I read about soy tells me it's harmful and yet it's also still being promoted as a good source of protein. My daughter feeds her kids tofu dogs which I consider frankenfoods. They are called veggie dogs and there's not one vegetable in them. They are made of wheat and heavily processed soybeans. Could experts stop trying to convince us that the Asian ways of eating are healthier? I put Japanese and Chinese in the same category as they both emphasize noodles and rice. There is so much printed about their healthier emphasis on a lot of stir fried vegetables with just a touch of meat for garnish. So yes, they don't get as obese as we do on the standard American diet, as they do not eat as many junk foods, but they do not get healthy. I have no data on how many died from stomach cancer before they emigrated from Japan, or how straight are the backs of old people living in China on a traditional diet with nothing Western added. It's just that the myths are still written about and they bother me. How is polished white rice better for health than Froot Loops????[/QUOTE]

 The Chef responded with a fact enema:

You ain't got no scientific basis for what you be sayin. The Chef has a degree in nutrition and The Chef can tell you that them Asian folk in Asian countries are health and long-lived. Us Black folks are fast but we ain't built to last. Them Asians outlive us by 20 years and it has to do with diet. The Chef loves that ladies love the Chef. The Chef like his ladies like he likes his flapjack thick or thin, but if the chef were to choose he prefers crepes. Asian women are the most tantalizin to the Chef and them Asian ladies are on the thin side and they are the demure, respectful and ladylike. Like a lot of brothers these days, the Chef ain't dealin with sistas no more. They too wild and most of them are fat. Drs. T. Colin Campbell and Thomas Campbell, no relation to Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew, conducted the China study which the Chef has read. Them rural Chinese ain't fat, they ain't sickly and the live long. They eat mostly carbs. The two Campbell men, no relation to the Campbell soup folks spent 20 years studying the rural Chinese. They are professors at Cornell. They are the most erudite authorities on nutrition on planet earth. The experts have proven beyond any doubt that when it comes to health, weight and longevity native Asians are doin right.

This is how women were meant to look.

Image result for Fat Nurses
This is a pod of American nurses. 

Asian folks are leaner and healthier PERIOD!

We all know that Asian woman are HOT and we all know that fat girls hate slender women. The Chef is not one to play the race card but he knows bigotry when he sees it. If a jealous angry fat girl is talking shit about Asians it is because she's a bigot. Not only does she hate slender women, she hates Asians as well and more likely than not, she hates Black, Jews, Arabs and Hispanics as well.

It looks like we may be unleashing Harpoon.

This introduction is what got the Chef banned.

"The Chef often communicates in the third person. I hope all you fine folks are fine with that.

The Chef is a graduate of the esteemed Johnson & Wales School of Culinary Arts. The Chef has a degree in culinary nutrition but in spite of that The Chef had become morbidly obese and has suffered the co-morbid consequences that go with morbid obesity. The Chef is a a big man with a big appetite and normally the Chef would not make any apologies for it but the Chef would like to apologize for his truly gluttonous and hedonistic ways.

The Chef has been on several weight loss plans and when the Chef did the low carbohydrate plan the Chef initially lost about 12 pounds but then as the Chef's body adjusted to the digesting of high amounts of fat and protein the Chef gained the weight back and then some.

Cheffin has certain occupational hazards such as getting burned and weight gain. Being that LC did not work for the Chef, the Chef did his own version of Weight Watchers. Instead of counting points, the Chef counted calories and like clockwork the Chef has been steadily shedding the fat.

It has been long know by other nutritionists that fat fattens best. The Chef's menu that he serves to his customers has food high in fat and most of the Chef's customers are fat. Fat is tasty but like so many good things, fat is quite unhealthy particularly for folks of color. That is why us Black folk be dyin prematurely. It's our diets that are killin us. We eat too much fried food and that is why we be dropping like flies.

You take your Asians, they ain't fast but their built to last because they eat mostly rice. You take your Mexicans and we find that our Southern neighbors in Mexico are now the fattest people on earth. As you move from the Northern most US states into the South you see the obesity rate climb. Diets south of the Mason-Dickson line are heavily fat laden. Fat fattens best. It ain't bread and oats that be making folks fat. It's the fat. Take it from the Chef, a professional with a degree in culinary nutrition.

The reason restaurants serve bread and rolls is to get folks full so that patrons request doggie bags and get to enjoy the food the next day. This is why most dessert menus are not very good. We want folks to eat fast and leave so that we can seat other patrons.

The Chef is now offerin low fat menu options and a more extensive dessert menu which include sorbets, cake, eclairs, low fat chocolate mousse and yogurt parfaits.

The Chef still serves less healthy food because the Chef ain't no food Nazi but the Chef now believes that he has personal an social responsibility to help keep folks healthy.

The Chef is godly man and a Christian man. The Chef believes we all sin and the Chef's main sins are womanizing and gluttony but the gluttony is the worst. The Chef is a ladies' man because the Chef loves the ladies and the ladies love the Chef. Proverbs 23:2 proclaims, “Put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony.” All us fat folks are gluttons and when the Chef found his lord and savior Jesus Christ, the Chef knew it was time to repent and stop his gluttony.

Physical appetites are an analogy of our ability to control ourselves. If we are unable to control our eating habits, we are probably also unable to control other habits, such as those of the mind (lust, covetousness, anger) and unable to keep our mouths from gossip or strife. We are not to let our appetites control us, but we are to have control over our appetites. (See Deuteronomy 21:20, Proverbs 23:2, 2 Peter 1:5-7, 2 Timothy 3:1-9, and 2 Corinthians 10:5.) The ability to say “no” to anything in excess—self-control—is one of the fruits of the Spirit common to all believers (Galatians 5:22).

The reason the Chef is having success is because the Chef now owns his sinful ways and has stopped makin excuses."

The Chef's words hit home and they banned him for those words. Please troll LOW CARBER FORUMS.

Now for some hot slender women.

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